How it started

It all began rather innocuously.  I posted on my Facebook account, the following: “I’m not sure when I became a Buddhist.  I’m not completely sure it was a conscious effort.  But here I am now, feeling as though Buddhism and yoga are where I feel most comfortable.  Does that mean I’m a Buddhist-Hindu?”

These thoughts had entered my consciousness quite often in the previous weeks and months.  I had been attending yoga on a regular basis for about a year.  I’d lost forty pounds through diet and my yoga practice.  Each time I’d go to class at my yoga studio, I found I would arrive earlier and earlier and read the different Buddhist publications strewn about the reception area.  They had Tricycle, Buddha Dharma, and Shambhala Sun.  I’d devour a new magazine each time. I began subscribing to these magazines and reading books on Buddhism I’d purchased before, but somehow, never got around to reading.

However, it was all academic.  Or so I had originally thought.  But then, as I began reading Happiness by Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh I began to realize I had a framework, however slight, for my Buddhist practice. Thanks to my yoga practice I was already working on the awareness of breath that is the foundation of the teachings in Happiness.  I couldn’t tell you even one percent of the terminology that accompanies the understanding of a fully realized Buddhist, but I have the beginnings of a practice.

I am hoping this blog will help me capture my progress into the faith I am choosing to follow, not the one I was born into.  As issues arise I will blog about them and see where that leads me.  I already know I am terrible at meditation, so those will be amusing posts for you to read.  I will do my best to keep it interesting and keep you excited.

You will, I hope, forgive me in advance, as I combine, juxtapose, and inadvertently and irreverently use Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, Goddess Worship, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Celtic, Druid and any other I can think of, terms throughout this blog.  I also have a tendency to ramble and write stream of consciousness.  I will endeavor to keep everything as coherent as possible.

Thank you for joining me on my spiritual travels.




4 thoughts on “How it started

  1. Buddhist, Christian, Taoist, Jewish, Native American..whatever, you have been a kind, gentle soul for many many years. Glad you have found your path.

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